Tampa, FL Custom Home Builder

Custom Homes - Florida Construction Specialists

We build custom homes that last a lifetime. If you're looking to make this your long term residence, we're the Tampa custom builder you're looking for. We specialize in multi-million dollar luxury homes. We work with Tampa area architects, engineers, and craftsmen to materialize your dream home. Call us or message for more info.

Quality structure

You'll never see the framing and masonry underneath, but this forms the core structure of your home. This can make the difference in outlasting Tampa, Florida weather.

Exterior Protection

We are experts in all types of exterior waterproofing, and carry that over to our custom home building. Built to the latest standards and advances in efficiency and strength, you can be assured your home will be protected from the elements.


Craftmanship and quality distinguishes our custom built homes from those of other builders in Tampa. You're paying for high end quality, and that's what you'll get when you select us as your Tampa home builder.

Custom Designed Homes

If you want a basic, sturdy, well built traditional home, we can certainly build that. However, if you also want it to be a unique masterpiece that you admire every time you pull up the driveway, then you've found the right Tampa builder. Let's meet and see what we can do.