Construction Services

Florida Construction Specialists Services

We deliver professional and reliable construction services for commercial and residential properties. Our team specializes in custom building, renovations, disaster recovery, insurance restorations, historic home and historic building restoration and preservation, balcony reconstruction and exterior waterproofing.

What Construction Services Are You Looking For?

Custom home

Custom Homes

Florida Construction Specialists is a leading builder in Central West Coast Florida, providing “life time” Custom Homes for our customers. We provide a design-build approach by assisting our clients in every phase of the design process through construction. We pride ourselves on turning your dreams into reality.

Condo restoration

Commercial Construction

Florida Construction Specialists has provided an established niche in Florida’s Commercial Construction market. Whether it’s ground up design-build, warehouse retrofit, commercial buildouts, commercial additions, or exterior and interior renovations, our team specializes in all phases of commercial design, construction, and retrofit.
Florida Construction Specialists has the experienced team ready to complete your project.

Lions World Vision Institute

Historic Restoration/Preservation

Florida Construction Specialists has been involved in Historic Restoration/Preservation throughout Florida. We have worked with numerous municipalities and private clients in restoring their buildings to meet the proper requirements necessary to achieve city-county, state, and/or federal approval. We will assist you with the entire grant/subsidy approval process, from crafting the necessary documentation required for funding, fabricating material and products to satisfy compliance, to meeting the current code requirements. When it comes to Historic Restoration/Preservation, Florida Construction Specialists is truly a turnkey approach for your project.

hurricane-damaged house

Disaster Recovery/Insurance Restoration

Florida Construction Specialists has been providing Disaster Recovery/Insurance Restoration Services from its onset. The members of Florida Construction Specialists have worked with hundreds of clients throughout all of Florida, assisting in bringing them back to “where they were” before their current tragedy. Florida Construction Specialists has been involved in every major disaster post 1989, and we have assisted clients in day to day disasters. Whether it’s wind, water, fire, explosion, collapse, or mold, we have the experience to help every step of the way.

Tiara Condos on Singer Island

Balcony Reconstruction

Florida Construction Specialists has been at the forefront in providing all phases of Commercial Balcony and Collapse Restoration. We have worked with numerous engineers and insurance carriers in both analyzing and assessing the damage, as well as designing and reconstructing. Due to Florida’s tumultuous climate and continuous exposure to water and salt air, the ever-present issue of deterioration must be addressed and handled properly. Florida Construction Specialists has the vast experience to address these developments.

Exterior Waterproofing

Florida Construction Specialists has been providing exterior commercial waterproofing throughout Florida since its inception. We have worked with numerous private, public and industrial clients in providing them with a “five star” finished product. We analyze deficiencies, provide the required retrofit, prepare all impacted surfaces and apply the proper finished waterproofing. Our team will provide you with a lasting product that will weather any storm.

Why Choose Florida Construction Specialists as Your General Contractor?

For many years, Florida Construction Specialists has delivered top-notch construction services, emphasizing exceptional customer care.

Our approach involves engaging closely with our clients, ensuring their active participation throughout the construction journey. We prioritize complete transparency and open communication, keeping our clients fully updated on every aspect of costs and schedules.

We respect our clients’ time and consistently aim to meet our project deadlines. As your general contractor, Florida Construction Specialists is committed to meticulous attention to detail and achieving excellence in every facet of our work.

FCS Construction Process

Step 1: Pre-Construction Phase

At Florida Construction Specialists, the journey begins even before the first brick is laid. We collaborate with you to transform your vision into a tangible plan for your commercial space. Working intimately with our team, you’ll develop your construction blueprint, covering everything from dimensions to materials to your preferred timeline. We’re here to guide you through these initial steps, turning your dream into a feasible project.

During this phase, we assist in setting a budget, handling all necessary construction permits and licensing, and assisting you with your financial provider.

Step 2: Commercial Construction Process

With your project meticulously planned, it’s time to bring it to life. As soon as we have all permits and licenses in hand, ground-breaking begins. Our skilled team will be deployed to your site to commence construction.

Throughout the construction phase, we maintain constant communication with you, providing regular updates to ensure you’re well-informed and confident that the project is progressing as planned.

Step 3: Post-Construction Completion

After the construction phase concludes, our work isn’t over yet. Building inspectors are brought in to review and approve all completed work, issuing necessary compliance certificates. Once we receive the final nod of approval, your project is officially complete. But our commitment doesn’t end there; Florida Construction Specialists stays on board to ensure your total satisfaction with the quality and outcome of our work.